Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Should I use a hotter version of my profile pic on Twitter?

I can’t decide whether or not to use a hotter photo of myself for Twitter. The pic I’m currently using has me in a field of sheep—it’s totally my aesthetic. But when I look at the profile pics of the other hot funny girls I follow, they all have these hawt pictures. Except for @meganamram. She just looks retarded. But that’s totally her thing.

Guys can be like more nonchalant about it. Like—oh hey, 3,645 followers, I was just taking out the trash. Or, hey! That’s me in a sleeping bag— I’m not even awake. I’m not even awake and I have six thousand followers.

I, personally, have 143 followers. My life goal is to make it to seven thousand. I feel like that is a really respectable number. This is totally doable, and I’m ready to get started. I just need to figure out, do I trade in the sheep pic for the Halloween one? (I was Orphan Annie. Twice.) The one where I’m at putt-putt in my yellow Capri pants? The one I took this morning by my three-way mirror? (I’m having a good hair week, riiight  ) Or do I keep the sheep one? You can’t really see me, but that’s what I think is cool about it. It’s like—obviously, this girl has a lot of things to tell.


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